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At Sojourn, our favourite thing to see is the expression on the faces of our guests when they first arrive. Happiness, awe, relief, pleasant surprise but our favourite has to be astonishment.

You see our cottages and apartments are luxury and extravagant. Every single one of them has their own individual personality, with each room designed with love and attention down to the very last painting. In fact, we painted the paintings ourselves. Well, Ritu (Shabu and his wife, Ritu are the founders of Sojourn) did at least – she’s quite the artist.

We understand that everyone has their own interests, tastes and priorities. For some it’s a big kitchen; for others, it’s a large dining room table for the whole family to sit around. That’s why our cottages and apartments have something for everyone. They all have comfortable cloud-like beds, spacious living areas and entertainment for every age range. Every cottage has its own dedicated hand servants that will take care of everything for you.

Food, babysitters, tours and drop-offs, whatever your requirements the Sojourn team has got you covered. If you are looking for budget cottages, we have designed one which is ideal for parents with a child or just a couple who are looking for something that works around their budget and the rent isn’t too extravagant (Subject to availability).

But what makes our accommodation so special?

Have you ever been so awestruck by the natural beauty that you can’t help but stop and stare? Every view that can be seen from the windows and balconies of our cottages and apartments will give you that exact feeling. Trust us, it never gets old. In fact, it will surprise you every single time. It transforms the usual holiday feature into an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. A sip of wine? Try a glass with a view that overlooks the Himalayas. Lounging in the sun? How about sunbathing surrounded by lush, unspoilt green valleys. Fancy a barbeque? Eat under the starry night sky in the gardens of the beautiful Manali Hills. You get the point. This is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations the world has to offer and we like to think Sojourn Homes & Cottages has not only the accommodation to match but also the desire to do it justice. But don’t just take our word for it… View testimonials

Did you know? All of our cottages and apartments can be booked on a weekly and monthly basis, with special rates applicable dependent on the length of your stay. View fees and special prices

If you like what you read why not have a browse of our wonderful accommodation below. We hope to see you soon!