Welcome to Manali, Valley of Gods.

Have you ever wanted to experience complete freedom? Maybe you wanted to get away from your daily life to reinvent, revitalise and rejuvenate yourself. Sojourn Homes & Cottages can show you how. Located on a stunning landscape and situated 8000 feet above sea level, Sojourn welcomes you surreal serenity, breathtaking beauty and unparalleled privacy, away from the fast paced hustle of the town.

Cottage I

Rent Cottage I

Cottage II

Luxury Cottage II

Cottage III

Cottage III

This blue and white themed cottage features a large living area, with beautiful interiors. Walk through the lavish wooden entrance, only to be welcomed by apple trees and a garden of flowers. Hammocks, swings and amazing views await you in the backyard. View details
Situated adjacent to the car parking, at the hilltop, this cottage offers an absolutely stunning view of the valley, the peaks and the river Beas from its open terrace. The world will look like a fairytale. View details
Walk into complete privacy and serenity. The open terrace invites you to a spectacular view of the valley and mountains. Ideal for artists and authors who want to enjoy solitude and tranquility, and want their creativity to blossom. View details


Family Packages
Honey Moon Package

Please Note: All photographs of Sojourn Homes and Cottages are original.